How Long Is Diatomaceous Earth Effective?

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If stored in a safe, dry place, Red Lake Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth will not spoil or go bad.

When applied for the purpose of pest control, diatomaceous earth will continue to be effective as long as it is not disturbed – kicked up into the air, blown or washed away.

DE should be re-applied if an area gets wet or experiences wind or high traffic, as the powder is easily washed away, blown away and kicked up in to the air by foot traffic.

Try to keep the DE to protected areas, such as cracks and crevices, where it will not be disturbed.

When you are finished, simply vacuum the product up.

Please note: While no problems have ever been observed, please be sure to test the product in a small sample space when using it on white or other light colored carpeting or fabrics.

Image by blue2likeyou