Frequently Asked Questions

Red Lake Earth comes from a fresh water deposit of diatomaceous earth found near Kamloops, British Columbia.

This deposit of Diatomaceous Earth is very unique in that it is naturally enhanced with Calcium Montmorillonite (also known as Calcium Bentonite).

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Red Lake Diatomaceous Earth products meet both food grade and feed grade specifications.

What does this mean?

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth meets Food Chemical Codex Grade specifications and can be used as a filtering aid or processing aid in food, but cannot be in the end product for human consumption.

Currently Red Lake Diatomaceous Earth is registered for use in feeds for further manufacturing in animal feed, not to exceed 2% of an animal’s total diet.

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Red Lake Diatomaceous Earth is completely safe to be used with all types of animals. Please note, this does not include reptiles or amphibians.

The difference between pool grade and food grade diatomaceous earth is a result of the way in which the natural diatomaceous earth has been treated.

Pool grade diatomaceous earth is only meant for use as a filtration aid. It has been treated at a very high temperature (this is referred to as calcined) and contains a very high percentage of crystalline silica.

Food Chemical Codex Grade diatomaceous earth, on the other hand, is treated at a much lower temperature (non-calcined) and contains a very low percentage of crystalline silica (Red Lake Diatomaceous Earth contains less than 1% crystalline silica). Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth must also meet strict specifications in regards to heavy metal content.

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Red Lake Earth is available at the better feed and agricultural supply stores throughout the United States.

If your local feed store does not carry Red Lake Earth please ask them to bring it in for you.

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